Mellow Wonderland
Mellow Wonderland was an apparel campaign that launched concurently with a recently redesigned menu.
 was to increase awareness and excitement about the new retail designs as well as the Menu launch via the newly designed cover.
I chose to isolate figures and products from a semi-related photoshoot and put them in an un-real environment mimicking the menu's unreal, psychedelic art.
I designed the Magically Mellow, Order Pizza, and Baked shirts above and below. The Magically Mellow was a huge hit, fitting with the vibrant atmosphere of Mellow Mushroom stores and youthful energy of the crew.​​​​​​​
Above: Front of the Order Pizza sweatshirt. Second: Alternate colorway of Order Pizza. Third: The Baked shirt follows the stylization of the new menu type that launched at this time.
Above: Social Launch (Video) and Preview Post. Lock-Up designed by me.
Above: PR images for the launch of the menu. As one can see, the new menu (center) is bright and maximalist so accompanying images followed suit.
Above: Facebook Paid Media Carousel.
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