As a marketing designer at Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby's International Realty, my work experience was defined by balancing the elite prestige of the global brand with the local branding of the Atlanta chapter and individual agents and teams. All of the materials below also include my copy writing.
Whether I was creating for an individual or the company as a hole, I made sure to always illicit the most important factor: showcasing beautiful homes and the luxurious experiences that come from living in them.
Above left: Postcard. Right: Social posts.
Each month, an Atlanta Fine Homes designer creates a marketing suite for any agent or real estate team to use. Whenever I made these types of campaigns, I strived to make something the receiver would want to keep or save, for example, on their fridge, so that the real estate agent's name and contact information would have a longer lifespan in that receiver's life.
During COVID, many homeowners were stuck in their homes, unable to find solace in grander public or private places. Therefore, for the month of September, I chose to create a suite of assets that harped upon the latent discomfort of being stuck in a home that may not serve all of your needs.

After research, I created a check list of popular items many homeowners now desired, and a "More/Less" box to prompt viewers to consider their own homes and how a realtor could unlock a new life full of the comfort and peace they sought.
Above left: Social posts.
Above is an example of more social posts created for another monthly campaign. During fall, I wanted to create tips for homeowners as seasons changed from warm to cooler months.
Above: Newspaper announcement ad.
One of my favorite tasks at AFHSIR was working with the company to provide agents with a welcome/announcement ad to be printed in a newspaper of their choosing. As one of the first marketing materials provided to an agent, it was my pleasure to be an agent's first introduction and exceed their expectations for the marketing arm of the firm.
Each welcome advertisement was to be unique, while still maintaining the AFHSIR brand. Ads varied by prominence and history of the new agent or team being welcomed on.
Above and below: Marketing brochure for 3713 Cochise Drive.
One of the daily tasks at AFHSIR was creating marketing brochures for agents to display their listed properties. This involved creating subdued design that let the beauty of the photography and home shine through.
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