Cooper Jones was a brand inspired by smart casual European looks. Quintessential blazers with a pop of color.
For the designs below, I was given either the products that needed to be shown, could potentially be shown, or a discount number that needed to be advertised. The rest was up to my creative liberty.
Above: Welcome Email (from Instagram).
For the welcome email above, I, of course, wanted subscribers to instantly receive their discount code above the fold. However, I also wanted to showcase the story behind the brand and the lifestyle one could achieve by engaging with Cooper Jones. 
Using copy from the website and recent catalogue, I condensed and crafted the "Our Story" content block.
For the email branding overall I chose to give Cooper Jones plenty of color blocks, alongside beautiful landscapes. This was a nice balance to appeal to a simplicity of high quality and wanderlust of style that really encapsulated the brand for me.
Above: Sale Emails.
Cooper Jones had no model photography. It was difficult to make simple laydown shots interesting so I had to lean into graphics and interesting cropping.
As a plus, tight cropping showed more of the technical high details (stitching, seams, buttons, etc) that set the brand's apparel apart from others. This helped boost the "craftsmanship" value the brand sought to espouse.
Above: Holiday landing page.
During the holidays, I also designed gift guide landing pages to accompany emails. This was a fantastic experience to work closely with front-end developers to make unique, eye-catching webpages for the brand.
Above: Sale Emails.
Cooper Jones ran its course, and there were many sales throughout the last few months of the brand's run. No new inventory was added during this time, so there was very little product photography to be able to work with. I had to shift to an even more graphic route.
 Still, I think the above sale graphics turned out clean, modern and respectful to the Cooper Jones brand. The pops of colors were aligned with the brand since the beginning and had a nice energy that matched a very heavy sale discount.
Above: Sale Emails.
As Cooper Jones' last months continued, the sales only became more urgent. This was one of the final sales, and as such, used very bold primary colors and very large print for the high discount percent. Instead of the usual calm and composed nature of the brand, it was time to press on the excitement, almost carnival-level, of such a high sale discount.
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