Patrick James is a West Coast luxury menswear boutique, carrying familiar brands such as Robert Graham, Psycho Bunny, and their own signature line.
For the designs below, I was given either the products that needed to be shown, could be shown, or a discount number that needed to be advertised. The rest was up to my creative liberty.
Above: Email designs, summer sale and evergreen.
Armed mainly with just product laydowns, I had to think outside the box, especially during sale seasons or half-way through a drop. Often times, a sale meant the high-inventory products  had already been featured multiple times or were visually difficult to market in the first place.
To solve for the above, for a semiannual sale, I illustrated the Patrick James lion from their logo on top of a sail boat with the words "Sale Away" above. This gave a nice branded feel to a fun, pun-infused email. I always think marketing should either delight or inform potential customers. The illustration here also mirrored the brand's current colors at the time, and emphasized the brand's classic yet modernized style.
On the right, I collaged a few spring accessories, giving just enough of a visual "peek" for an email subscriber to click into the campaign and view the product in full. This was also a great way to re-market items that may have been seen as your straight-forward, full-width type of product images.
Above: Holiday emails.
The holidays are a fantastic time for real brands. For Patrick James, I wanted more generic deals, such as "Free Delivery" to feel unique and different from emails in a subscribers inbox. Having very limited model photography, I sought to lean into the illustration style that worked so well with the "Sale Away" email here.
On the right, when model photography was available, it was often not festive enough for a "12 days of Christmas" email that the team had decided to pursue. I was able to solve around this by establishing an advent calendar design at the bottom and using holiday-themed stock images. The visual advent calendar also provided a nice tracker and tool for aniticipation.
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