As the creative director and production manager of food photoshoots, my role is to establish and communicate clear artistic direction and timing expectations, so that every team member has the opportunity to do excel at their responsibilities and bring the best out of the brand.
I coordinate and provide materials, backdrops and props to assist the team and make sure the production is running smoothly and on time.
The above photos are produced in collaboration with stylist Loren Wood & photography by Fratelli Studio, along with the talented food team at Mellow Mushroom.
After the photo has been produced, it is also my task to create the point of purchase graphics that accompany it. This include Tablet Tents, social images, email and etc. Above shows an example of a table tent (left) and social graphic (right.)
Above: More Table Tent Designs. Note: This was prior to MM's rebrand so a variety of fonts and colors were encouraged.
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