As the creative leader of gift cards, I create 15+ evergreen and seasonal gift cards a year as well as maintain the creative feel of the gift card site and marketing. 
Above: Gift Card Landing Page.
I directed the colors and fonts of the site as well as designed the gift card banner.
Above: Gift Cards.
Above are some winter-holiday and core digital gift cards I designed for the brand's rebrand in 2023.
Above: Gift Cards Prior to Rebrand.​​​​​​​
Above: Gift Card Carrier. Left (outside), Right (inside.)
Using elements from the new menu, I redesigned the main carrier to match the above gift cards. I used white clouds to allow required white space.
Above: Gift card landing page prior to rebrand.
Above rebranded and old gift card communication emails. MM features a lot of space imagery and I thought the spaceship beam creating the required white space of the email would be unique and different from other brands' emails.
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